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Henderson Pavilion
The Henderson Pavilion is the largest outdoor amphitheatre in Nevada and the first of its kind in Southern Nevada. The Henderson Pavilion is a state-of-the-art venue for the visual and performing arts with a stage that can accommodate performances from soloists to full-scale Broadway productions.

This outdoor venue provides space and amenities for events that were not previously available to the community.

  • Parking – Limited on-site parking is available for patrons with reserved spaces for the disabled. Off-site parking is available.
  • Seating Capacity – The Pavilion has 2,444 individual fixed seats with overflow grass seating that can accommodate an additional 1,500 spectators.

Because this is an outdoor venue, please dress appropriately for the two-hour presentation. Although April evenings in Las Vegas are usually delightful, it can also be chilly. You are welcome to bring blankets, jackets or wraps.

Henderson Pavilion Safety Guidelines:

  • For the safety of all guests, event attendees and their portables are subject to search at any time.
  • Each guest may bring in one unopened bottle of water.
  • No other outside food and beverage products are allowed inside.
  • Items not permitted in the Henderson Pavilion include glass bottles, alcoholic beverages, large coolers or baskets, framed backpacks, umbrellas of any kind, laser pointers, cameras, recording devices, Frisbees, sports balls, noisemakers, skateboards, roller blades, TVs, radios, playpens, confetti, incendiary materials, suitcases, and animals (except assistance animals).