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2010 Callbacks Announced
1/19/2010   A message from the Production Director regarding callbacks.

Thank you to everyone for sacrificing your time and talents to audition for Savior of the World 2010. It is always such a blessing to meet each of you and be touched by your testimonies, both young and old. There are some things that I would like to explain. They are as follows:

1.    If you do not see your name on the call back list, it does NOT mean you do not have a role. We are only seeing the people considered for bigger parts right now. Although, there really aren’t too many BIG parts. You could very well be an angel or in the town. There are more women who auditioned than roles in the production. We would like to see some again before making the final decisions.

2.    An angel or a townsperson is not a small role in the show. These characters have an important responsibility to help the audience feel the spirit. Do not discount it.

3.    All men and boys that have auditioned will be cast.  I need every one of you.  I just need to know where you would be best cast.  So, men, even if you aren’t on the call back list, you will be in the show.  Don’t make plans to go on that dream trip just yet!

4.   Please learn the songs and lines for your call back well enough to be very familiar with them before call backs.

5.   The men and boys may be asked to take more than one part. This is due to a fewer number of men and boys auditioning compared to the number of men and boy roles in the production.

6.   If I have told you that you were on the call back list and somehow left your name off, please contact me I will correct the mistake.  (Be kind. After all, I’m almost old!)